Games Entry Request Form

Whether you’re hosting an online game, developing the next big video game, or getting started in streaming, level up the way you collect data online with our free Games Entry Request Form — then embed it in your website or share it via social media, form link, or email invite to start accepting form submissions. You’ll receive responses instantly in Tables, ready to view, download, and organize it according to need. Having read the Games Entry Request Form, you, the [...]

Quotation Management System In PHP

The software system for managing quotes helps enterprises automate the process of developing quotation, storing past quotation and subsequent work with clients. Pricing is an important part of many business transactions. Whether you are a car dealership, tour operator, or any other service company, pricing is an important part of any business. Better yet, regularly monitor and optimize quote creation, improving long-term results. A quotation is a document that a seller provides to a buyer in order to offer to [...]

Salon CRM

CRM software development is becoming increasingly important for companies seeking to compete and thrive in today’s volatile market conditions. It sounds strange, but CRM is becoming an important factor for companies operating in the cosmetic services industry. Invest heavily in custom CRM software development. All major salon, spa, and fitness franchises use CRM tools to improve customer service and increase their sales and marketing efforts. As small businesses grow and expand, it becomes important to acquire or develop software modules [...]

File Management system in PHP

File Management system in PHP may be a system that’s based on computer programs within the case of the administration of advanced archives which utilized to track, oversee, and store archives and diminish stock difficult duplicates. Most are able of keeping a record of the different forms made and adjusted by diverse clients such as history following. In File Management system user can easily view and add documents here. Document’s data such as subject, archive record, description, reference number, company, [...]

Utility Billing System

The utility billing software allows users to have knowledge and understanding of the utility services related to electricity, water, gas, property, sanitation, sewer, resident’s utility bill. The system includes services of meter management, payment processing, and invoice management. Our utility billing software’s flexible architecture supports accurate invoicing, better traceability, and full visibility on performance. Reduce cash collection periods and gain financial control by defining relevant payment conditions and configuring automatic payments from your clients. A convenient software solution can help you [...]

Therapy Billing Software

Online therapy billing software designed to let therapists spend less time with paperwork and more time with patients. Customizable invoicing and claims processing with options that let you bill the way you need to. With one button, you can automatically generate all claims and invoices. Therapy billing software eliminates extra work by pulling all existing data together. With billing script medical billing, you never have to re-key patient information, CPT codes, diagnoses, modifiers or appointment information. All service data automatically [...]

Simple Warehouse Inventory Software

Warehouse inventory management software combines inventory management and warehousing software, processes, and procedures to ensure the correct quantities are ordered and maintained to satisfy customer demand. It is an inventory system for small to mid-size businesses to handle sales, purchasing, inventory management, warehousing, and customer service. Software for inventory and warehouse management is used for tracking inventory as it flows in and out of a business. Central to all operations, software for inventory facilitates the purchasing process, manages sales, order [...]

Rental Inventory Software

Rental inventory management software allows equipment owners to set up rental agreements, track invoices, and rental returns. Rental inventory’s software organizes and catalogues stock and generates sales orders in sync with their online accounts. With Rental inventory management Software, equipment dealers and rental companies have full visibility into their entire rental department. Personalized operational and executive dashboards bring detailed insight into high-level KPI’s as well as day-to-day tasks. Operational dashboards improve productivity and eliminate time-consuming searches by consolidating job [...]

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