Quotation Management System In PHP

The software system for managing quotes helps enterprises automate the process of developing quotation, storing past quotation and subsequent work with clients. Pricing is an important part of many business transactions. Whether you are a car dealership, tour operator, or any other service company, pricing is an important part of any business. Better yet, regularly monitor and optimize quote creation, improving long-term results.

A quotation is a document that a seller provides to a buyer in order to offer to sell goods or services at a set price under certain conditions. A quotation, also known as a quote, or sales quote, is used to tell a potential buyer how much a product or service will cost before making a purchase.

But when the price of a service or product can be changed or subject to certain conditions, quotes have the same purpose as an invoice, except that they are created before the order is confirmed. invoices and, as such, they form the first point of commercial contact with the customer. It is this aspect of trading quotes that gives them significant value. A well-prepared quote can help turn a prospect into a customer.

In our CRM employee can create the quotation and send to the customer regarding any product which he/she want to purchase and after that customer can check it on his/her system and approve or reject it according to user satisfaction. Employee review the quotation and if customer accept it then send the invoices to the user according to quotation data.

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